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Corder Genealogy
ebay   I beg all of you if you to find a family bible on ebay.com, to try to link that bible to the family! Even if it's not the family line you are researching, try to help someone else. This is only a suggestion. But I believe once a family heirloom is sold to a nameless auction, the very important information that ties us together is lost for a full generation if not more. "Pay it forward" is an excellelent movie! If you are a true genealogist, you will do this at least two times if not more for the cause of genealogical research alone!
      Hi, My name is Shawn Corder, (click my photo and watch a little youtube video) and I am the caretaker and programmer of this site.. I personally descend from William Corder born circa 1703. We currently do not know where he was born, but we do know a few things about him; even if he was alive nearly 300 years ago. Wow.. now that's a statement!

If the CORDER family had named their children as uniquie as myself, it would be easier to follow the families. Currently, there are only 3 Shawn Corder's listed that are "searchable" in the USA. But there are THOUSANDS of James, William, Benjamin, John, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary,. .... etc.. so, what I'm saying is, please.. for future researchers, name your children with a unique name that can be followed 100 years from now. May we all live past 2036!

I dedicate this website to friends and family members who have researched the CORDER name in the past 100 years. With their early research, it has helped us understand where we are today. However, there are many uncovered areas that still need to be investiaged to help prove the right Corder. You may find brothers naming their children the same names, and they are born about 6 months appart, you may find 1st cousins getting married or maybe what seems like siblings getting married to one another. However, I read in a letter... what we do my nature is to look deeper in what we see. Not by sticking to the plain simple facts of what is right in front of us. As time goes on, I plan on adding more information to this site. Laura Henderson has started a Corder DNA page, and I hope in time that will be linked from this site as well with her permission. So far, I am the only individual that has taken the DNA test from William Corder born circa 1703. With my testing done, perhaps one day it will help others find their path to their research.

Some years ago, my father had received a "Corder research" book, however, it's one of those types of books that has every CORDER in the USA that is current. Meaning phone numbers and addresses. Generic information what the surname means, etc. It was a far cry from understanding who a person really is. So when you are searching "stuff" on the Internet. Use it only as a guide for possibilites. But do not use it for facts. Even my information should be researched by yourself, for you can understand what really is before you. I'm human, and I have made mistakes also in my research. But I will attempt in helping others find their way if I can.
DNA Testing... Who knows.. perhaps DNA testing really can help with research. Personally speaking, I have been registered with the www.familytreedna.com site and have found out that my DNA from William Corder b. circa 1703 is not part of the others "currently". So that means if others are willing to help prove their CORDER ancestry, the better results we will have. If you would like to know more of this option, please contact Nancy Halvorson on The PROJECT for that resource.
The ReCorder: The NATIONAL CORDER Association puts out a newsletter throughout the year. If you would like to be a part of this newsletter, please contact Robert Gibson Corder of The PROJECT for that resource Thank you Bob for allowing them to be available as back issues on this site! If you want current issues of The ReCorder, please contact Robert (Bob) Corder and join the National Corder Association.
Submitting your information to THE PROJECT... When submitting your information to the NATIONALCORDERPROJECT.com and CORDERGENEALOGY.com site, please keep in mind that your files should be either TXT files or RTF extensions, and kept under a managable size. Also when submitting your information, you must keep alive individuals out of the data files to help keep their identity safe from other types of people who use that information against them in identity theft. That's one avenue we dont' want to happen to anyone! I am willing to study and help research any CORDER family line that is in the USA. I do not have records for overseas, so at this point, that's out of the question. If your willing to share the original documentation that you have, I will return the favor.
On a personal note: A very good friend of mine told me... if I can't prove it... I do not claim it! That pretty much fits with a genealogist world. If you like the hunt for the documentation for your roots, sooner or later we will find it as a team.

If you think about it.. there is a ton of "stuff" on the Internet, (that is not true - and good fiction) but what we are trying to do here is to document that facts we know, try to do the best we can with early records and share information between us.

If you wish to be part of this.. please let me know by submitting a research request at the top of this page.
Corder Genealogy : Gone but not forgotten

Ann Auburg (1932-2004) Austin Bowers Youmans (1925-2003) Claude A. Corder (1915-1999)
Dayle L. Hall (1922-2001) Dora Mae DeVaun (1929-1993) Eleanor M. Franklin (1892-1979)
Herman O. Corder (1908-1981) Nettie Major Sayles (1903-1984) Raymond Corder (1911-2008)
Richard Keith Webber (1921-1993) Wanda Jolly (1944-2005) William Alexander Biby (1876-1957)
Virginia Shields Dent (1914-1993) Luaine Janice Smith (1942-1998) Lela estelle corder (1923-2016)
Corder GenealogyFor many years, probably as many as a hundred individuals have studied the CORDER family line and have given us the path to follow up and verify with new technology to help strenghten their research or properly make the corrections needed. A few of them that have already passed before us are listed above in the "Gone but not forgotten.... area".

However, here is a list of some individuals that have helped in The PROJECT and who are still alive and well. If your name has been left out, it's not because I'm leaving you out, it's because I just made a mistake. Please let me know if this happened so I can correct this page... as time goes on, I will continue to update this page of submitters.

L. Estelle (Dixon) Corder
Lyle Kent Corder
Floyd & Marilyn Corder
Maria Ann Montague
Robert Gibson Corder
Shirley Reese Siltala
Karen Austin
Kathy Lady
Helen Cooley
Denney Gaines
Judith Waddell
Nancy Halvorson
Brenda Steele
Patti McGillis
Beulah Faye Fields
Ann Walker
Annette Schmidt
Terri Austin McCullough
Mary Elizabeth Collins
Pam Brown
Charla Murphy
Nolan Hyder Corder
Karen Stuart
Tommy Wayne Corder
Peggy Pyle
Sharon Baxter
Jane Charles
Shawn Eric Corder
Luaine Smith
Susan Murphy
Patricia M. Friesen
Charlene Michel

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